Read-Right Hemianopic Alexia Therapy

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Read-Right Therapy - Demo Version

Below is a simplified version of the Read-Right scrolling text therapy. The aim is to give you feel of how it works.

  • The therapeutic part of Read-Right is to practise reading moving text most days for several weeks.
  • Click the play button icon to start the therapy demo.
  • You can change the material, speed and colours used.

Please note that in this demo version of Read-Right therapy:

  • 'Tour', 'History' and 'Help' are disabled;
  • only four speeds are available on the demo;
  • the demo library consists of only two books with one chapter each;
  • BBC live is not available;
  • the scrolling text may become very jerky at times when displayed in a browser.

Please download and install the full version to access the full range of options and for much smoother scrolling text.

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