Read-Right Hemianopic Alexia Therapy

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Visual Field Test
How do I test my visual fields?

  • The aim of this test is to identify your visual field deficit. This is important because the field defect is the main cause of slowed reading in HA.
  • It is a self-administered test which enables patients to measure their own visual field.
  • You can do this test alone, but you may find it easier if someone with normal vision helps you. This may be particularly helpful in making sure that you are aware of all four options when reporting what pattern of dots you saw.
  • You need to sit at a fixed distance from the computer screen and look at a red cross.
  • After the cross flashes, you will be shown different dot patterns. You need to report which pattern you saw from a selection of four different patterns.
  • At the end of the test, your visual field defect will be displayed to you and stored in your profile.
  • The results will be re-checked at various time points during the study.

To see a video of how to complete the visual field test, click the button below.