Read-Right Hemianopic Alexia Therapy

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Reading Test
What is the reading test and how do I do it?

  • The aim of this test is to identify your text reading speed. We need this information to see if the therapy (moving text) is having a beneficial effect on you.
  • When you are ready, you start the test by clicking on the circular button, this makes the text appear. You then read the text as quickly and accurately as possible. You need to read it all because you will be asked a question about it at the end. You will be tested on four examples. At the end of the test, your reading speeds will be calculated. The result is displayed for you and stored on your profile for future viewing.
  • You will be prompted to test your reading speeds at certain fixed points in the study.
  • Based on the reading test results over time, you will be able to check your improvement with Read-Right therapy.

To see a video of how to complete the reading test, click the button below.