Read-Right Hemianopic Alexia Therapy

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Read-Right Therapy
How do I view and use the moving text?

Various qualities of the moving text (therapy) can be altered by you. You can watch the help video to see how this is done by clicking the button below.

  • The content: There are many books to read. Alternatively, you can read articles from the BBC website that are streamed into the moving text programme. These are stored by topic and change every day.
  • Colour of the text and background. There are three default colours but you can also select your own from two palates (one for the text, one for the background). There is also an effects option (check box).
  • Speed of the text. By using the sliding bar on the right of the moving text window you can change this. This should be set so that you are reading comfortably. Neither too fast, where you find yourself being dragged to the left and missing text; nor too slow, where you find yourself waiting at the right-hand side for more text to come up.

How much therapy should I do?

  • This will vary from person to person.
  • Most people with HA who are going to benefit from this therapy (reading the moving text) should do so with approximately 7-14 hours of practice. This can be spread over several weeks.
  • You can read the moving text for as long as you like but we would suggest doing it in 20 minute sessions or less if you are tiring.
  • The programme keeps a record of how long you have accessed the moving text for but…
  • Please use the pause button when you are taking a break! If the text is moving, we will assume that you are reading it. This is how we calculate the amount of therapy you have completed.
  • You will be prompted at various points to recheck your reading speeds. Once you have completed these tests you will be able to access the therapy (moving text) again.
  • The same text can be read more than once.
  • If you do improve, you may need a ‘top-up’ of practice now and again to maintain your reading speed.

Where should I use Read-Right?

The therapy application is most suited to use on a home computer. The application should download onto most PCs or Macs. In order to access the therapy the application needs to communicate with our server via an internet connection. This can sometimes cause problems if you are trying to use a hospital or institutional network to access the internet, as these organizations often have firewalls and other protective measures that may stop Read-Right from working.

As long as you always stick to your own login, you can access the therapy from several different computers. To do this, you will need to download the application onto each one.